Welcome to Our Golf Website

Golf SwingGolf is a fun game to play that is challenging. However, it can also be a frustrating one. It seems like the better you get, the more serious you take it. Well, I do anyway.

This website is dedicated to the golfer. Newbie beginner, junior golfer, women golfers and advanced golfers. Hopefully there is content on this website which can help any golfer.

There are a lot of things one needs to learn about playing golf.

Build a Foundation by Learning Golf Fundamentals

First, every sport has it foundation. You can’t start playing the game without knowing the fundamentals. Fundamentals are a lot more important than you may think. To start, a proper stance and grip are needed for a good golf swing. Instructions, reading or videos can help give you basics to help develop your golf skills

Golf is a Mental Game

Golf is a lot more than club clubs, golf balls, and beautiful golf course with its green fairways. To play golf to its fullest, the game requires strategy and cunning. Making mental calculations before even hitting the golf ball is necessary prior to making those great golf shots. In addition, the golfer needs to, keep a calm and cool head. Your mental game will help you to maintain concentration on the golf shot you will need to make and help you not to be distracted.

Course Management is About Knowing the Golf Course

So what do we mean by course management? Well it mainly means a good golfer must be able to adapt their golf game to the unique aspects of the golf course they are playing. Knowing how to play a golf course in the most efficient way you possibly will help any golfer to acquire a good golf score. A golfer should always have a plan the golf course and the round which they are playing. Even more importantly, for every shot, the golfer needs to have a plan and a target in mind.

Common Problems When Playing Golf

Needless to say, golf certainly is not an exact science. The vast majority of serious golfers have practiced for years in order to perfect their golf swing and to improve their golf game to the next level. But, as in any sport, problems do occur. Forgetting the basic fundamentals and golf mechanics is the primary problem encountered. When this happens their golf game becomes erratic and sloppy. Going back to the basics, getting instruction, reading a golf book or viewing a golf training video may help address the more common problems golfers may face. Correcting these mistakes is possible and will help a golfer to get back on the path toward playing better golf again.

Knowing the More Common Golf Mistakes

All golfers know, that sometimes it is just difficult to hit a good golf shot. Sometimes a golfer just hacks away at a golf ball wishing they will hit a good golf shot and be happy with the results even if only for a few minutes until the next shot. However, if the golfer knows the most common golf mistakes people make playing the game, the golfer can take action to fix the mistakes and have a more satisfying and rewarding golf game.